So, what's a "ChatterHouse"?

Well, when you take a little white farmhouse, and fill it with three young girls who spend their days with  gypsy horses, chickens, honeybees, fishing ponds, ducks, pecan trees, dogs & cats, hay fields, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and wildlife...  at the end of the day, you get a house full of chatter!  

We are the Millwood family, and we  are blessed beyond measure to be living in the ChatterHouse inside of the Hucks' Family Farm in a quiet little town outside of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  

We're living our dream of raising our children in the country where we value hard work and our faith in Jesus Christ.  Both of these things are the foundation of our business, which is raising top-quality traditional style gypsy horses, with excellent conformation, bone, hair, and most of all- the quiet gentle temperament these horses are known for. 

Take a peek at the farm through these pages, or come see us in person! Visitors welcome by appointment. 

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